Tetritskaro Youth Center was established in November 2016 with the efforts of active youth of Tetritskaro. Our current location was loaned by Tetritskaro City Hall in April 2018, granted free of charge, and is now used not only for work, but also for youth gathering, events, and activities.

Furthermore, we were able to find funding for the rehabilitation of the building by partnering with various organizations. Namely, the building was renovated and reconstructed with the financial support of "Women's Fund in Georgia," "Orbeliani Georgia" and "Georgian Strategic Research and Development Center."

We want an active, open-minded and united society that creates a healthy and equitable environment for all.


The Center’s goal is to contribute towards empowering Tetritskaro's civil society and strengthening the social-economic landscape of Tetritskaro's municipality population.


For this, we encourage tolerant attitudes in the Tetritskaro population by offering different cultural and educational programs and opportunities, participate in volunteer activities, support the socio-economic strengthening of the population, and cooperate among different sectors.

We believe that the desired result can be achieved with a conscientious approach, volunteer activities, and recognition of each individual's contribution. 

Tetritskaro Youth Center has become a place for events, activities, and a gathering space for youth