Committed to the Cause


Lucine Dostibegiani

Chairperson, Care Coordinator

Born June 28, 1994.

Grew up and lives in Tetritskaro and graduated from Tetritskaro Public School N2. In 2013-2014 studied at the "Academy of Arts and Sciences" in the second level of tourism and has been awarded the qualification of a guide assistant. In 2016-2017 she studied at the college "Icarus" as a cook.

She has completed a course in photography and, since 2012, has been involved in various non-formal educational programs an projects.

In 2016, together with friends, she founded the "Tetritskaro Youth Center", of which she is the chairperson.

Through the organization, she does many good deeds.

Tel: +995 598 35 09 31


Natela Manukovi

Coordinator of Culture and Sports Development

Born June 22, 1997.

She is a lawyer and has carried out activities of a young worker for years.

She started her career as a coach at the Youth Center in 2016, became an active member of the team, and at this stage has experience in coordinating several projects.

The results of her activities at the Youth Center are the empowerment of women and girls, the promotion of ethnic minorities, juvenile justice issues, the planning of cultural events, and the creation of women and a sewing club. She is involved in every activity of the organization.

Tel: +995 592 30 94 54


Tamuna Balyan

Coordinator of Non-Formal Education

Born and raised in Tetritskaro. After taking up the profession (public relations specialist) she returned to her hometown and joined the activities of the organization in 2018.

“The youth center is a place where I want to take care of everyone and everything.”

Tel: +995 574 19 21 15


Nanuka Aptsiauri

Public Relations Manager, Deputy Chairman

Born March 4, 1995.

She is a Youth Worker and Education Manager and has worked with young people from the age of 17, both locally and internationally.

“For me, Tetritskaro Youth Center is a place of freedom and equality. A space where any young person can find themselves, discover new opportunities and change society for the better.”

Tel: +995 558 40 22 44


Nino Mchedlidze


Bachelor of Finance, Banking, and Insurance, Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management. She has been working in the financial departments of various organizations for 10 years. At the same time, she is a teacher in a professional college and a certified program trainer.

Nino has been by Tetritskaro Youth Center's side since it became necessary to work in the financial and accounting fields.

"I think the Youth Center is an organization that can do a lot of good things for the district and its all people, not just young people. This is a space that is more connected to the roots and gives you an example that you can do a good deed in your own area."


Fatima Shavadze

Project Coordinator

She has been an active member of the Center’s team since 2016.

"Tetritskaro Youth Center is a space where you can simultaneously receive and share knowledge or even just good energy."

Tel: +995 598 58 86 38


Giorgi Dostibegiani

Logistics Manager

Born (25.02.1991) and raised in Tetritskaro.

Graduated from Public School N2. From 2008 to 2013 he studied at the Faculty of Dentistry at Vakhtang Gorgasali University.

Since 2016, he has been actively involved in the implementation of Youth Center projects and activities.

For Giorgi, the Center is a place where he is given the opportunity to help young people develop and create a better future.

Tel: +995 598 89 05 55


Madona Okropiridze


Born on December 14, 1956, in Tskhinvali, in the village of Nuli.

In 1984, graduated from Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University in the Faculty of Planning. After, she worked in Tskhinvali as a chief economist for one of the farms, then as a chief accountant.

From 1993-2006 Madona worked as the chairperson of the Ksuisi community council in Patara Liakhvi.

She forcibly resigned as a result of the 2008 war in the village of Koda, Tetritskaro Municipality.

Since 2010, she has worked in the Koda Community Education Center opened by DVV-international in the settlement, initially as an office manager, and since 2014 as the director of the Koda Community Education Center. Is actively involved in public activities, participates in various projects, both locally and internationally.


Ana Khutsishvili


Born on April 22, 1986. A philologist by profession.

Has been working in the field of education since 2010 as a teacher, professional orientation and career management manager, trainer, mentor.

"Tetritskaro Youth Center has always been, is, and always will be a space created as a result of not giving up and a lot of work. Space where everyone feels strength, support, and their share of Tetritskaro! ”

ნიკოლოზ სიხარულიძე.jpg

Nikoloz Sikharulidze

Technical Manager

Born on July 17, 1997, grew up, and lives in Tetritskaro.

Studies at St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University, Faculty of Law.

Nikoloz is responsible for technical activities in the organization. He also contributes to the activities of the organization within the framework of social and environmental work.

“The youth center is my second home where I can go at any time and have a quiet and cozy environment, with nice and positive people.”

Tel: +995 577 95 47 39