Donor: Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

The EUMM presented a Toyota LC 76 to the Tetritskaro Youth Center.


The money given by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia under the project was used for customs clearance of the car.

Donor: Foundation TASO

The EUMM presented a Toyota LC 76 to the Tetritskaro Youth Center.


The money given by the Tasso Foundation under the project was used for customs clearance of the car.

Donor: Embassy of France

During the pandemic with the financial support of the French Embassy 

• We bought food and hygiene products for ten socially vulnerable families
• We bought and distributed six tablets to socially vulnerable schoolchildren
• We purchased a remote thermometer and disinfectant solutions for the office, which helped us to work in compliance with the regulations.

Donor: Human Rights House

Within the project:


  • We updated the website of the organization;

  • We acquired the necessary equipment for working from home or online activities;

  • We subscribed to Zoom service;

  • We conducted pieces of training on the following topics: media literacy, office programs;

  • We created a graphic design course.

Donor: Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi & Tetritskaro Municipality's City Hall

The brochure "Alagt Hambavi" was created with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, within the framework of the "Conversion" project of the Center of Contemporary Art.

The illustrations in the brochure were created with the financial support of Tetritskaro Municipality.


Project goals:

  • Research of toponymy of settlements / areas in Tetritskaro municipality, processing of collected information and creation of a brochure

  • Promoting the development of tourism in Tetritskaro Municipality by distributing a brochure

  • Create interest of researchers and local population in the toponymy and history of the municipality


Within the project:


  • We conducted a secondary survey on the toponymy of settlements/areas in the municipality

  • Selected interesting information and processed it for inclusion in the brochure

  • Created five illustrations according to the legends

  • We collected pictures and included in to the brochure

  • We translated and published the brochure in three languages: Georgian, English, Russian


You can find the brochure at the following links:

“Alagt Ambavi” in ancient Georgian signifies the “History of places.”

Donor: Caucasus Nature Fund

Tetritskaro Youth Center has been trying to implement various environmental activities in the municipality from the day of its existence. We are actively cooperating with the Algeti National Park and have repeatedly implemented joint projects.

This project was implemented together with Algeti National Park and Javakheti Protected Areas to raise the environmental awareness of local youth and bring them closer to each other. The participants of the project were the students of the schools of Tetritskaro and Akhalkalaki Municipality, which border the mentioned protected areas.

The aim of the project is to bring young people together, get to know each other, share information on environmental issues and better explore both national parks by organizing eco-camps in these protected areas.

The eco-camp program included next subjects:

  • Flora and fauna,

  • The importance of protected areas,

  • Ranger profession,

  • First aid;

  • The importance of environmental protection.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the project created an animation about protected areas and the importance of the ranger profession.

Donor: Women's Fund in Georgia

Women, who were participants of the project received pieces of training on the following topics:

  • Gender Equality

  • Basic Human Rights

  • Feminism

  • Sex-selective Abortion 

  • Sexual Education

  • Advocacy

  • Leadership

  • Selfdefense and Security

Project participants consulted with a psychologist, gynecologist, and lawyer;

They got information about educational programs tailored to them.

As part of the project, participants had meetings with 5 active, successful women working in various fields (civil, community, business, etc.) who shared their experiences. As part of one such meeting, we visited a Nazi guest house. During the excursion we visited the gorge and the host, Nazi Dakishvili told us about his culture and experience.

Also, we organized a camp, the main issue of which was sexual and reproductive health.

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation

Objectives of the project:

  • Empowering young members of ethnic minorities in legal and civic activism;

  • Bringing together ethnic minorities and Georgians who live regions;

  • Identify future leaders, strengthen their capacity to prevent discrimination, and make positive changes in protecting their rights.


The beneficiaries of the project are young people aged 14 to 20 (70% ethnic minorities and 30% Georgians) from Tetritskaro, Marneuli, Tsalka, and Gardabani municipalities.


They underwent a training cycle on the following topics:

  • Fundamental human rights - based on the European Convention on Human Rights;

  • Review practical cases of the European Court of Human Rights;

  • Fundamental human rights - according to the second chapter of the Constitution of Georgia;

  • Review of Georgian cases in the field of basic human rights;

  • Volunteering - history of volunteering, Georgian law on volunteering;

  • Civic activism;

  • Meeting only for girls where they shared their negative experiences in the context of gender discrimination;

  • Advocacy - discussing the problems of young people and finding ways to solve them with the right advocacy;

  • Lobbying;

  • Workshop with a psychologist - raising self-esteem and managing age crises;

  • Meeting with a psychologist on the topic of conflict and its management.

Donor: Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia, European Union, Konrad Adenauer Foundation

1. As part of the project framework, the Youth Center uploads not only information on its projects to CSO.GE, but also projects implemented by CSOs to the Civil Society Portal.

2. Banners, stickers, and brochures have been prepared and printed for the organization, and have been distributed at events and to partners, beneficiaries and contributors.

3. In order to raise awareness of Tetritskaro Youth Center, we invited and hosted representatives of local organizations and the city hall to present our projects and ideas and discussed the possibilities of further cooperation.

4. The organization took part in the event dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia, scheduled for May 26 in the Tetritskaro municipality. The center organized an information and entertainment corner at the venue, Squirrel Park, where we received many interested people and shared our work, handed out pamphlets and stickers as part of the project. Thus, we increased awareness of our work among the local population.

5. We signed a memorandum of cooperation with the local municipality.

6. The Youth Center organized an information corner at the Didgori People's Day celebration where, along with other organizations, we hosted guests and introduced our activities to interested parties.

7. Within the project framework, the team conducted media monitoring. As a result, we calculated how much coverage we have in the media and created a compilation file for the organization where we can access each link of the coverage/publication. The document will be periodically updated.

We have 11 different appearances in the media thus far.

8. We created a YouTube channel for the organization (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaT4pN8j33rZcRGbMLNPow/featured) where we upload videos we create. The channel will be updated periodically.

9. During the course of the project, we created a web page available in two languages, Georgian and English. It should be noted that the website was completely free of charge and designed by Peace Corps volunteers. See Link: https://www.tycgeorgia.com

Collaborative & Innovative


Donor: Women Fund in Georgia

Aims of the project:

Empower women in Tetritskaro, raise their level of consciousness and awareness of environmental issues and promote healthy relationships with children.


Project Objectives:

Basic activities

  •  Provide training on communication and team building, leadership, environmental protection, climate change, women rights, gender and feminism, and waste management;

  • Discuss civil activity and the importance of women’s role/participation in the community;

  • Visit Algeti National Park, where participants were acquainted with the municipality's biodiversity and natural resources;

  • Provide free consultations from a psychologist and jurist;

  • Seminar on the topic "premature marriage." 

Donor: Women Fund in Georgia

Project Goals:

Promoting environmental activities and strengthening of women in the Tetritskaro Municipality. Raising awareness of gender and climate change issues to the population.


The project was conducted in four stages:

  • Preparation - planning information campaigns in target communities, collection of materials and information, attracting beneficiaries;

  • Production - creating informational campaigns, setting up meetings in selected villages, dissemination of information about planned activities in the project;

  • Camp - a selection of 20 girls for a five-day camp. Camp topics included gender and climate;

  • Final stage - the youth who participated in the camp became peer educators in their communities, held two activities each about that subjects that were discussed at the camp. The peer educators chose the next types of activities: trainings, cleaning action, movie show, greenery, invite a guest, informational meetings, etc.

Donor: The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development

Project Goals

To get to know the youth of Tetritskaro Municipality, identify problems or concerns, and create a youth network.

As part of the project, the TYC team held meetings in the town of Tetritskaro proper and seven additional villages within the greater municipality: Manglisi (town), Tsintskaro, Bogvi, Borbalo, Asureti, Samshvilde, Chivchavi. As a result, the Tetritskaro Youth Network was created and is actively used by young people living in the municipality.


Project Stages:

  • Preparing necessary materials, meetings of trainers, organizing meetings in villages, attract beneficiaries;

  • Holding meetings in villages to identify the problems and interests of young people, as well as to choose two youth representatives from every village;

  • In Koda, a village with an IDP settlement, the Koda Community Education Center arranged a forum for the selected youth representatives where they met each other and reviewed future plans.


Donor: Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

Aims of the project:

Create a youth center in Tetritskaro and promote the development of young people with different educational projects.


Project objectives:

  • Renovation of the building provided by the local government (two working rooms, bathrooms, and yard repairs).

  • Create a variety of activities and programs

  • Implementing educational activities

  • Develop personal and professional skills of young people and increase their awareness of environmental issues.