Collaborative & Innovative


Donor: Women Fund in Georgia

Aims of the project:

Empower women in Tetritskaro, raise their level of consciousness and awareness of environmental issues and promote healthy relationships with children.


Project Objectives:

Basic activities

  •  Provide training on communication and team building, leadership, environmental protection, climate change, women rights, gender and feminism, and waste management;

  • Discuss civil activity and the importance of women’s role/participation in the community;

  • Visit Algeti National Park, where participants were acquainted with the municipality's biodiversity and natural resources;

  • Provide free consultations from a psychologist and jurist;

  • Seminar on the topic "premature marriage." 


Donor: Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

Aims of the project:

Create a youth center in Tetritskaro and promote the development of young people with different educational projects.


Project objectives:

  • Renovation of the building provided by the local government (two working rooms, bathrooms, and yard repairs).

  • Create a variety of activities and programs

  • Implementing educational activities

  • Develop personal and professional skills of young people and increase their awareness of environmental issues.